Injecting Your Site With Bullet Proof Intelligence

SiteDove Free

SiteDove Free is a powerful tool for beefing up the security of your website at NO COST. It includes a unique Burglar Alarm that shows you when changes are made to files on your site. If you're not sure who made those changes, you will want to investigate to see if your site has been hacked.

In this way, SiteDove Free acts as an early warning system that can detect malicious attacks long before search engines and your readers encounter them.

SiteDove Premium includes a more powerful version of the Burglar Alarm, plus many more valuable features to keep your sites secure against hackers.

SiteDove Free vs. SiteDove Premium



Burglar Alarm

Manual (once daily), PHP Files Only

Automated, Continuous, All File Types
Spam Monitoring

Malware Monitoring

Blacklist Monitoring

Performance Monitoring

Uptime Monitoring

Broken Link Monitoring

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SiteDove Free 5-Minute Install

To install SiteDove Free:

• Check to make sure your server meets the requirements for running SiteDove Free.
• PHP (version >= 5.3) is required, as is MySQL

• Create a MySQL database on your web server and a MySQL user with all privileges for reading and modifying the database.

• Download SiteDove Free here and unzip it into the root folder of your site.
• It will unzip into a subfolder called 'intrusion'.

• Edit the 'config.php' file in the 'intrusion' subfolder that was created in the previous step.
• Add the database credentials (username, password, database and host name) where indicated.

• Navigate to the 'settings.php' file in the 'intrusion' subfolder using a web browser.
• The URL will be similar to this: ''
• Fill in a password, email address and domain name.

• Setup a cron job for the main SiteDove Free service.
• This job should run every minute.
• The cron command should look something like this:
'cd /home/your_username/public_html/intrusion; /usr/bin/php intrusion.php >& /dev/null'

• Setup a cron job for the SiteDove Free update service.
• The update service keeps SiteDove Free up-to-date and should be setup to run hourly.
• The cron command will look something like this:
'cd /home/your_username/public_html/intrusion; /usr/bin/php update.php >& /dev/null'
• The latest version number of SiteDove Free is: 6

• That's it! SiteDove Free is now monitoring your site
• Be sure to check the settings page periodically to see if any files have been modified.
• You'll receive a monthly report that shows you all of the files that have been changed.