The Product

SiteDove is the complete website health monitoring solution, which prevents, diagnoses, and repairs your website from critical health risks that are deadly to your site, your income and your reputation.

SiteDove gives you peace of mind against the following:

• Malware  • Spam Injections  • Reputation Damage  • Online Blacklists  • Security Flaws  • Dead Links  • 404 Errors  • Uptime Issues  • Slow Speeds

Our development team is based in the U.S. and internationally.

The Story (From the Founder)

Have you ever had someone in your life who you knew needed to go to the doctor but just wouldn't?

That was my Dad.

And that was back when I was 18, when I was in no position to tell him what to do.

Fighting a life threatening kidney disease, he pushed through a stressful time to save his own father's business from bankruptcy, where he still works today.

But that overwhelming stress nearly cost him in his life and because he wouldn't seek the counsel of a health professional, he had no way of addressing his underlying health problems... peace of mind was beyond him.

He saved the business, but the damage was done.

He continues to monitor his kidneys daily.

That taught me a valuable lesson about stress... of course, it wasn't until I started my own business that I really got to experience that kind of stress, first hand.

You see several years after my Dad's stressful experience, I woke up to a nasty break up.

I didn't get told in person, there was no email... not even a text message.

This was not your typical break up.

After spending two whole years building a website that was drawing in 250,000 visitors monthly... 90% of that traffic suddenly disappeared, just like that.

It was devastating.

Google broke up with me and I had no idea why.

I contacted a number of Leading SEO Experts and successful website owners, but nobody could identify the problem.

After a lot of time and heartache, huge amounts of stress and a whole host of other issues that came right along with that... I finally identified the problem.

There was a major health and security flaw in my website, which was completely hidden to the naked eye and all traditional detection methods.

So the cause was found but the damage had already been done.

I remembered my Dad and how he felt at the time...

I made two vows that day:

1) I would never let myself fall into a position like that again...

2) I would ensure my business could never be destroyed like that again either...

And that is how SiteDove was born.

To protect our businesses, our websites and to avoid the deadly cost of stress.

The Opportunity

The majority of our customers come through whitelabel and reseller programs. Please see our reseller page for more information.


SiteDove is always excited to work with industry-leading partners to build outstanding, integrated products for our customers. If you have a product that you think would integrate well with SiteDove, please contact us (see contact info below).


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